About Us  


Extreme Scene, Inc. is owned and lead by Mark Quinn. Mark brings an array of experience in creating, conceptualizing, and building to his client arena. Having worked in the motion picture and television industry in Los Angeles for 20 years there is next to nothing that he hasn’t been faced with to create. That experience, craftsmanship, and love for what he does was what drove him to develop his own business in fabricating and creating the awesome and unusual to the pristine and professional.

Mark’s theory behind any project that Extreme Scenes, Inc. is presented with is that there is nothing they can’t build. If you can conceptualize it, Extreme Scenes, Inc. can create/build it. Extreme Scenes, Inc. guarantees quality products built with integrity and creativity. He is very hands on with a project from start to finish and strongly believes in collaboration. Bringing his clients ideas, plans, and concepts to the table, working together to create a one-of- kind product. It has been said that Extreme Scenes, Inc. could create reception areas one day and spaceships the next. Any product that Extreme Scenes, Inc. creates is sure to immerse the customer.

The portfolio of products illustrates their ability to balance creative visions with their customer’s ambition and marketplace demands, no matter where the market is.